The Natural Way for Moms to Keep Their Kids Safe From Toxins

Natural Way for Moms to Keep Their Kids Safe

The Natural Way for Moms to Keep Their Kids Safe From Toxins

Most new moms are concerned about the many dangers their kids will face every day from commonly used household supplies, personal products, home furnishings, foods and so much more. Dangerous toxins are lurking in commonly used personal care products like skincare soaps, beauty supplies, paper products, disposable baby diapers, and laundry detergents.

Natural Way for Moms to Keep Their Kids Safe

The majority of household cleaning products will contain a number of harmful ingredients that can cause health issues like asthma, allergies, skin irritations, future autoimmune disorders and possibly cancers. Mothers are encouraged to use natural based household and personal care products to help keep their kids safe from harmful toxins and other undesirable chemicals.  "Kids Safe From Toxins"


Some Basic Information Regarding Possible Household Toxins & Chemicals

Healthcare experts now point to many commonly found ingredients of household related products as being dangerous to the health of people, pets, wildlife, and the environment. As natural homemakers, moms are often the ones in charge of purchasing many of the household products for the home. While many products now advertise using general terms like "natural," wholesome," gentle" and other misleading descriptive words, there are ways that worried moms can lower these harmful risks with a little effort, research and commonsense purchasing tactics.


Since our busy lifestyles leave most of us with little time to perform the necessary cleaning and other daily living tasks, more product manufacturers have created household cleaning, bathing, grooming, skincare, and other often used products to be convenient, easier-to-use, stronger and otherwise more attractive to busy parents. Everyone looks for simple ways to make their household responsibilities easier for their families. These dangerous chemicals, toxins, additives, and other harmful substances can be found in foods, beverages, cooking utensils, furniture, bedding, carpets, paints, toiletries and just about anything else imaginable that families use on a daily or regular basis.

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Some Practical Tips that Moms Can Use to Limit Harmful Product Toxins at Home

It is crucial for moms to do a little research on some of the more commonly used chemicals, toxins, product additives and other ingredients found in everyday household items. "Kids Safe From Toxins"


Some examples of toxins often found in home products include:


  • BPA - Bisphenol A - Commonly Added to Plastic Food, Beverage & Other Product Containers to Hold Ingredients Together Longer
  • Flame Retardants - Termed PDBEs for Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers Used in Baby Clothing, Bedding & Common Fabrics or Protective Products
  • Phthalates - Diethyl Phthalate (DEP), Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) & Di (2- Ethylhexyl) Phalate (DEHP) & Others Commonly Used in Plastics & Vinyls for Increased Flexibility & in Products with Fragrances to Keep The Scent Longer "Kids Safe From Toxins"


These commonly used chemicals are just a fraction of the many different types of toxins found in everything from food additives, packaging containers, cleaning supplies for the home, beauty products, and even products made exclusively for babies. Scientists are just now beginning to see the drastic harmful effects on the health and well-being of everyone on the planet including the earth itself and it's once bountiful and now diminishing natural resources.


Benefits of Going Back to Natural Based Products

Our grandparents and their parents led much simpler lifestyles. Families tended to stay close together, and many families had their own vegetable gardens or had access to fresh local food supplies. Modern moms today are realizing that this back-to-nature type parenting movement actually makes a great deal of sense. Simply buying fresh fruits and vegetables from your local farmer's market when in season can dramatically lower the abundance of harmful chemicals used in processed, canned and smoked foods in an effort to make them last longer.

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Some key areas for moms to utilize natural tactics include:

  • Buying Foods Fresh & Local
  • Washing Fruits, Vegetables & Other Ground Grown Foods Before Eating
  • Using Less Processed Foods, Focusing on Natural Healthier Meal Ingredients & Switching From Plastic, Canned or Other Containers & Packaging to Safer Ones
  • Reading Labels & Avoiding High Chemical Based Skincare, Toiletries, Baby Products & Other Items
  • Using Natural Materials Everywhere Possible in the Home - Bamboo Shades, Cushions, Flooring or Natural Fabrics on Furniture, Bedding & Clothing like Cotton, Wool, Linen etc.
  • Switching to Cloth Diapers, Buying Organic Baby Clothes or Supplies & Purchasing from Environmentally-Committed Retailers & Businesses
  • Make or Search Out Natural Ingredient Skincare, Cleaning and Toiletry Products like Castille Liquid Soap, Natural Air Fresheners & Handmade Gentler Soaps


Sometimes Simpler is Safer for Young Children


More mothers are making efforts to search out and use organic and natural based baby-care supplies and children's products. This can mean using organic cotton clothing made by baby clothing companies dedicated to using non-toxic and gentle-for-baby-skin fabrics and notions. Many mothers also sew their own baby clothes, make their own healthier baby foods and use glass bottles or breastfeed instead of using plastic baby bottles that could contain these harmful plastic chemicals and toxins. "Kids Safe From Toxins"


A lot of moms, friends, and grandparents are giving these types of natural organic baby gifts. It is typically better to purchase real silver baby jewelry or authentic natural wooden toys or jewelry boxes that can be engraved for a truly special gift that can be passed down to the next generation. More moms-to-be are interested in using natural teething rings, nursery room decor items and environmentally safe household products.

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While there is a lot in life that we have no control over, moms can take action to limit the number of harmful substances, dangerous chemical exposures, and common unhealthy household items by researching the topic, reading labels carefully and switching to natural based products deemed safe for babies and kids. These simple measures will not only lower your family's risks for serious health concerns due to unnecessary chemical exposure, limiting the amount of plastic and other trash that ends up in landfills and clean water supplies can also help save our precious planet for our kids to inherit someday.



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