Strategies for Mothers With Anxiety Issues

Mothers With Anxiety Issues

Strategies for Mothers With Anxiety Issues


You may be like more than a few mothers who take your kids to a park or out and about nearly anywhere and spend a moment or two checking out other moms. At least upon a superficial glance, these women seem serene and unusually calm. You may feel the exact opposite of the way you perceive these mothers to look. The reality is, like you and many mothers, these seemingly serene women very well may feel emotionally frayed or even labor under anxiety issues. You may experience anxiety attacks. Rest assured, so do some of these other mothers. Bear in mind that some of these mothers mask their inner turmoil well. On the other hand, some of these moms have developed useful strategies to address their anxiety, tactics that you will want to consider yourself.

Mothers With Anxiety Issues

Through this article, you are presented with some quick fixes designed to stave off an anxiety attack or minimize one once it occurs. In addition, you will be presented with some long-term solutions to managing or even eliminating anxiety in your life. We turn first to a look at immediate solutions to anxiety.


Quick Fixes for an Oncoming Anxiety Attack

In some cases, you may find yourself building towards an anxiety attack. In other cases, you may find yourself awash in an anxiety attack with very little to no warning. With that said, you may have become attuned to at least some warning signs associated with an ebbing anxiety attack. If that is the case, there are some quick fixes for the immediate onset that may prove useful to you.


One tactic you can employ is calling a mommy timeout. If your children are still of an age for this type of break, call naptime. Keep in mind that naptime historically is designed not only to benefit a child but a parent as well. Don't use naptime to catchup on tasks you may feel need tending. That not only won't ease your anxiety but may enhance it. Rather, take advantage of a child's naptime to really dive into something removed from active parenting. By way of examples, read a book, do a crossword, watch television, take a nap yourself.

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Another proven technique that can ease a mother's anxiety is something as simple as taking a walk. If possible, consider taking a walk alone or with another adult. If that is not possible, you still may be able to garner some relief by walking with your kids. Whether that is possible largely depends on the age of your young ones and their propensity to calmly walk, with no destination in mind and without complaining.


Call a trusted family member or friend when anxiety is about to or does strike. Perhaps you've someone in your life who has raised her children and had to deal with anxiety herself along the way. She may be able to offer useful advice. More importantly, you'll have an understanding ear who likely understands your situation.


Finally, if your children are younger, take a true play break with them. Play like you're a child, not like you're a mom. You may have been an anxious child, but you nonetheless enjoyed playing. As a mom with anxiety, you very well may achieve some of the same enjoyment, even joy, from the simple act of playing like a child with your children. "Mothers With Anxiety Issues"


Long-Term Solutions to Addressing Anxiety as a Mother

If you find yourself struggling with anxiety issues and anxiety attacks on a regular basis, you must give serious consideration to seeking professional guidance. Keep in mind that you absolutely not alone when it comes to moms seeking professional support when it comes to anxiety.


In this day and age, there are counselors and therapists who focus on issues and conditions associated with the emotional wellbeing of mothers, including anxiety. Such a professional can provide individual counseling or refer you to group therapy where you can interact with other moms in similar positions.

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There are also support groups in operation for mothers that gather to address a variety of issues. On the topical list of these groups oftentimes is anxiety. As has been mentioned more than once, and bears repeating, you simply are not alone when it comes to being a mom with anxiety issues or even a mother who has anxiety attacks.


If you find your anxiety issues particularly profound, a referral to a psychiatrist may be in order. You might benefit for an anti-anxiety medication. You do not have to resign yourself that taking medication will be a permanent feature of your life. Rather, many people with anxiety issues utilize medications on a transitional basis as they shore up non-medicinal approaches to dealing with their specific situation.


Yoga or meditation, or both, are proving to be useful activities for people with anxiety issues, including mothers. There are yoga practitioners who have programs designed specifically for mothers. Similarly, there are instructors that can assist you in developing useful meditation practices that focus their efforts on women like you.


Develop a regular fitness and exercise program as part of an effort to temper anxiety issues and enhance your overall health. There exists a broad spectrum of options

available to you from working with a trainer to taking daily walks, perhaps with other moms. There are even fitness regimens that have been developed with an to aiding people, including mothers, striving to address their anxiety.


If the other parent or another significant other is involved in your life and with raising your child or children, be candid with them about your anxiety issues. Yes, you need to be prepared for the possible response of "you'll be fine" or "no big deal," it nonetheless behooves you to inform and then educated your significant other about your anxiety situation. You may also find that the other parent or your partner has a better understanding of anxiety that you imagined. The objective is you enlist them as a supportive resource for you as you strive to manage and even eliminate anxiety from your life. A step in that direction may be participating in some joint counseling sessions.

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A majority of mothers dealing with anxiety issues tend to find that taking advantage of multiple strategies or tactics works best for them. You definitely want to make sure you have an immediate, quick fix solution and a long term one on your platter as useful means of beginning to address issues surrounding anxiety in your life as a mom. Armed with a strategy, useful strategies, and a willingness to access resources, anxiety is something you can manage and even eliminate from your life.




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