How to Create a Mission Statement for a Business or Nonprofit

Mission Statement for a business

How to Create a Mission Statement for a Business or Nonprofit

If you’re involved in the process of launching either a new business venture or not-for-profit organization, one of the associated tasks is the creation of what commonly is known as a mission statement. In the alternative, your business or nonprofit may be at a juncture in time when the vision statement is being reconsidered. With this in mind, there are some suggestions and strategies that you will want to bear in mind when it comes to creating a mission statement for your business enterprise or not-for-profit organization. These include legal considerations associated with creating a mission statement.

Mission Statement for a business

Understand Your Business or Organizational Goals

At the heart of developing and defining a mission statement for a business or nonprofit is having a keen understanding of the goals of such an entity. Understanding goals means more than just identifying the ultimate enterprise or organizational objectives. Goals include the establishment of milestones on the pathway to accomplishing ultimate objectives.  “Mission Statement for a business”


Consider Company or Organization Values

Every for-profit business and nonprofit organization has its own set of core values. As a prelude to developing an appropriate mission statement, you need to make sure your business or nonprofit has delineated its core values. In addition, if the core values have been identified, you need to make sure that there exists an understanding of what these attributes mean in the context of your particular business or nonprofit.


Keep a Mission Statement Simple

Many businesses and organizations fumble when they create a mission statement because they craft something that is far too complicated. A mission statement needs to be easy to understand and direct. A mission statement must be something that is easily understood by all stakeholders associated with a business or organization. This includes everyone from employees to customers and clients of business or supporters and beneficiaries of a nonprofit entity. “Mission Statement for a business”


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Bring Together Stakeholders

As part of the process of developing a suitable mission statement for a business or nonprofit organization, consider bringing primary stakeholders together to discuss and develop a mission statement. You can accomplish this by scheduling a series of meetings on the subject of crafting and implementing a mission statement. In the alternative, you can schedule an extended session, something along the lines of an in-service to address all key aspects of creating a mission statement.


You might want to hire a facilitator to assist in bringing what might be a disparate group of people together in a manner to achieve the common objective of creating a mission statement. The facilitator moves the conversation and discussion forward but does not provide definitive input into what should be included in a mission statement.


Legalities and Your Mission Statement

An array of legal considerations come into play when creating a business or organizational mission statement. One key element to bear in mind is that a mission statement designed for public consumption cannot make unwarranted or even unlawful proclamations. For example, a mission statement of a law firm cannot “guarantee justice” or “guarantee the compensation deserved.” A mission statement some type of consumer retail enterprise cannot make proclamations of claims in a mission statement that cannot be documented in some manner.


In creating a mission statement for a business or nonprofit, the involvement of a representative of the legal team is wise. This type of professional engagement will work to ensure that a mission statement created for a business or nonprofit organization will not end up running afoul of the law in some type of way. In the end, the last thing a business or organization wants is to develop a mission statement that ends up creating a myriad of legal issues. “Mission Statement for a business”

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