Environmental degradation in Nigeria

Environmental degradation in Nigeria

Environmental degradation in Nigeria

Human beings and the surroundings are co-depending on each other but quite a few humans in Nigeria are ignorant and oblivious of environmental obligation, this makes environmental degradation a profound assignment which requires on the spot interest. Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the natural environment via pollution, depletion of assets, habitat and ecosystem disruption and the eradication of flora and fauna leading to the reduction of the overall health of the environment. The deterioration of the Nigerian surroundings need to be a important problem of younger Nigerians as it has direct implications for health and properly-being both now and in the future. The causes and effects of environmental degradation need to be addressed and tackled due to the fact the environmentally pleasant use of herbal assets and environmentally sustainable monetary increase improves lives. The Nigerian surroundings have to be maintained and preserved for each present and future generations.

Environmental degradation in Nigeria
Environmental degradation in Nigeria

Most of Nigeria’s populace is made up of younger people, this means that a big and energetic section of the population will live longer with the outcomes of environmental movements/inactions that the earlier generations have taken and are nevertheless taking. The anti-environmental methods of reasoning of beyond generations are not completely ingrained in them which means there are opportunities to make a variety of distinction and soak up the duty of preserving the integrity of the environment that they may inherit. Everywhere in the world, environmental activists chant the weather trade track, environmental problems are looming big; the Nigerian population is growing progressively and this means that if modern-day tendencies are allowed to hold, greater people, industries, and so forth. May be contributing to environmental degradation.

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Some essential issues associated with environmental degradation in Nigeria that have to be addressed are: climate change, biodiversity loss, extinction charges of endangered species, depletion of sources, pollution (air, land, water, noise and light), and waste management.


Most instances, there's loss of dedication and engagement at the a part of the human beings in the direction of the myriad of environmental troubles because no one takes it as a personal problem. Younger humans are the decision-makers of today and the following day, therefore, there have to be an know-how of the effect of changes within the surroundings and the way everyone can end up concerned inside the troubles and choices. Environmental education is one way young Nigerians may be prepared to combat towards those modifications – along with an attitudinal change and the ownership of those environmental issues; there's little need passing the responsibility round as an excuse to live unsustainably. The environmental effect of developmental initiatives/activities launched into through individuals, organizations and authorities within the numerous communities have to be questioned and at the end of a assignment’s life cycle, make certain that right remediation and reclamation activities are completed to make sure the environment is restored to its former or different effective usable state. Young Nigerians need to call for that producers produce eco-friendly merchandise, take responsibility for and reduce the environmental affects of their routines and processes even as making sure that their products are environmentally sound. While a agency is inflicting environmental deterioration/pollution in any manner, younger humans have to can increase petitions, foyer and carry out demonstrations with the intention to be effective. Products synthetic by way of agencies that aren't environmentally pleasant and do no longer care about their effect at the environment ought to be boycotted and if need be, peaceful protests may be staged to make these companies rethink their company strategies. Young people can and need to demand that organizations running inside the u . S . A . Perform their environmental responsibilities which ought to encompass easy-ups, environmental sanitation exercises, obligations to recycle, pollution prevention, and environmental impact exams and reviews.

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Nigerian and Environmental Degradation


Most young Nigerians aren't privy to the energy of lobbying which means that writing to Councillors and nearby government Chairmen to let them know how a particular movement affects the every day existence – a major benefit is that this is a time while there is higher get right of entry to to information than preceding generations. Also, the young those who work in corporations and industries that impact the environment can introduce sparkling thoughts and outlooks which they are able to adapt to their manufacturing techniques and merchandise to comply with environmental protection rules and excellent practices. Any other way to make meaningful contributions in numerous groups is to form organizations and institutions to care for and defend habitats which are abnormal to these communities from been destroyed or polluted, examples of such habitats are forests, mangroves, seashores, freshwater, and many others. Such agencies and institutions can provoke programmes to promote participation in tree planting, forestry, fighting wasteland creep, waste discount, recycling and different sound environmental practices which the government also can be worried in.


It's miles no mystery that there are a whole lot of policies, regulations and conventions in Nigeria made for environmental protection, but there is a lack of powerful implementation; to reap this, the more youthful technology has to upward thrust to the undertaking. The surroundings is one of the maximum important and reachable areas of politics and this means, it need to be one of the first sections to be tackled on the subject of inclusion and sustainable improvement. Young humans ought to call for for regulations that shield the surroundings and clamour for more participation inside the decision-making technique of environmental worries. They ought to be involved in subjects that affect the environment, in which knowledgeable evaluations can be advanced based totally on progressed understanding, current technology and better techniques concerning environmental safety may be aired.

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Young Nigerians within the twenty first century all have a function to play in stopping environmental degradation via actively getting concerned in environmental management, upkeep and conservation, so one can have direct effect on the modern and future wellknown of dwelling. High stage of activism is wanted to get powerful responses to the modern-day environmental challenges the state faces. There's growing focus of those challenges and they have a greater stake in lengthy-term sustainability; participation in, commitment to and energetic involvement in environmental issues is crucial to sustainable development. The assets to be had (education, statistics, networks and so on.) should be used to address the challenges posed through environmental degradation. Elevating awareness, concerning and empowering the younger era is on the coronary heart of the reaction to environmental degradation.

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