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Curing Constant Tiredness (Fatigue)

Fatigue and constant tiredness is a clear sign and indication that the body is suffering from an underlying health challenge. With work commitments, child-care and household chores to cope with, it is not unusual for one to feel tired but some people feel tired all the time (TATT),even after getting plenty of sleep. Such people may not be able to jump out of bed in the morning feeling invigorated but will rather crawl out from under the covers not ready to start the new day and throughout the day, they may find it hard even to concentrate, perform daily activities  or be motivated. Most of the time, it is easy to blame the lives we lead. And much of the time we're right although your busy lifestyle may be part of the reason you feel constantly tired, a number of factors working in combination, such as medical conditions, poor dietary choices psychological/emotional problems are also contributory”



Medical conditions

Unrelenting tiredness may be a sign of a medical condition or underlying illness, such as-acute liver failure, anemia, cancer, chronic kidney disease, heart disease, hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)·hypothyroidism (under active thyroid),overweight or underweight, sleep apnea, diabetes, heavy periods, a change in bowel habits, hair loss, extreme thirst are all symptoms that may accompany constant tiredness.

Medications such as antihistamines, cough medicines, cold remedies, prescription pain medications, heart medications, blood pressure medications and some antidepressants can also contribute to constant tiredness.


Poor dietary lifestyle and habits :

Especially the combination of a high-fat and high refined carbohydrate diets that are nutritionally poor which do not provide the body with enough fuel or nutrients to function at its best. With lack of vitamins and mineral deficiencies, especially the B-group vitamins and iron, one may constantly remain tired. Quick-fix foods, such as chocolate bars and caffeinated drinks only offer a temporary energy boost that quickly wears off and even worsens tiredness. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, stress and incorrect eating habits are all energy-robbers.  constant tiredness "fatigue"


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Psychological/emotional conditions

Anxiety, irritability, depression, grief, rejection, hopelessness, emotional stress and even boredom can have an effect on your energy levels. If you feel tired all the time, don't take it for granted, especially if it's been going on for several months. Though your tiredness is not a disorder in itself, it is one of the earliest symptoms of many health problems listed above, and more will help if you could take a quick inventory of the things that might be responsible for your tiredness and also work out how the tiredness started in the first place.

If you have been able to examine every medical condition, and no medical cause is found these herbal remedies and life style changes  that may beat your constant tiredness:


Potato water:

A brimming glass of fresh potato water may be all you need to pep you up; Sounds too simple a cure, I guess. But, it's actually a great herbal remedy for tiredness. Soaking slices of potato in water makes a potassium-rich drink that can help you feel less tired and sluggish, as it replenishes a mineral many people have trouble getting enough of. The body does not produce potassium and so we have to consume it from outside sources

Wash properly and slice up the potato (there's no need to peel it and add to a glass of water. Allow it to step overnight in the fridge, and drink first thing in the morning.


Nitrates found in this herb help dilate blood vessels, getting more oxygen into your  muscles. This could improve your stamina and thing in the morning. blood vessels, getting more oxygen into your body rev up the energy level needed for you to achieve your daily chores. Drink a glass of beetroot juice 2X daily.  constant tiredness "fatigue"


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Rich in iron and foliate, it can help boost red blood cell count, therefore providing you with more energy and lighting is also full of magnesium- I cup of spinach contains about 39% of the recommended daily intake for magnesium .Enjoy at least 1 cup of spinach daily - juiced, raw in salads or cooked.


Coconut oil :

May be almost 90 % saturated fat. but the majority of the oil is made up of medium- chain triglycerides, which provide energy in the same way as carbohydrates, so it's a great energy booster. Just watch the calorie content, as, with all fats, there are 9 per gm. Spread it on your toast or cook your food with it.  constant tiredness "fatigue"


Boost your red-blood cells :

Make a tea with nettle leaf which is rich in iron, as well as vitamin C and add some dandelion to boost the iron content. Add honey, if desired, and drink 2 times daily.


Try  eating enough :

When you don't eat enough or have the wrong foods it can be a problem. If you start your day with meat pies, doughnuts or sausage rolls probably "washed down" with a bottle of cola drink, your blood sugar may reach its peak and crash, leaving you sluggish. So always eat a healthy breakfast. Try to include protein and complex carbohydrates to keep your energy levels stable.

Aromatherapy :

Essential oils are also effective for increasing energy and warding off tiredness. Add Peppermint oil to your daily routine. After a long, exhausting day at work, rejuvenate your body with carrier oil and apply directly to the skin or add a few drops to your bath water. You may also sniff straight from the bottle, for an instant "pick me-up"

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Find time to relax before going to sleep. Different activities work for different people. Try gentle music, soaking in a warm bath or a massage.


Change your lifestyle :

Do some exercise at least three times a week and follow a healthy diet that is low in fat and high in fiber. This should include plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and complex carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, whole meal dishes and brown rice. Take a vitamin and mineral supplement to guard against deficiencies in your diet, drink more fluids, cut back on caffeine and alcohol and make sure you get enough sleep. In fact give your self a break.   constant tiredness "fatigue"


Make Your Own Energy Drink:

You don't have to rely on the canned "energy drinks", which may have little or nothing to offer.

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