Common habits that affect your kidney function

Common habits that seriously affect your kidney function


Basic human physiology makes us understand that kidney function is of great importance for body metabolism. Kidneys are part of the body that most people give little attention to until something goes wrong with them. when a kidney infection or kidney stone develops or emerges, it quickly becomes apparent that these small organs located in the lower back are incredibly important for the health of the whole body. "awareness on kidney function"

The main function of the kidney is to detoxify the blood, remove waste products from it constantly and ensure that this waste is removed from the body during urination. Kidney infections or stones can seriously impair or reduce kidney function and can lead to pain, water weight gain and other unpleasant symptoms. That is why taking care of the kidneys is so necessary. Fortunately, there are many everyday habits that people practice and do not even think about, that over time can seriously damage kidney health and thus the health of the whole body. "awareness on kidney function"

Chronic dehydration

Chronic dehydration which means going without enough water to drink day after day is one of the worst things that people can do to their kidneys this is because the kidneys need plenty of water to cleanse them and remove impurities that can cause damage or infections. pushing fluids, on the other hand, Is one amongst the simplest ways to promote good kidney function.

Excessive salt consumption

Some percentage or level of sodium is ok, the body needs it in the same way it needs calcium or potassium. However, some diet is especially incredibly high in sodium which raises blood pressure and high blood pressure, in turn, can lead to kidney damage over time. "kidney function"

Delaying urination.

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It can be difficult during a busy day to stop and take out time to urinate. But people who delayed the call of nature, do so at their own risk. this delay can cause pressure to weaken the bladder and increase the risk of infections and stones "awareness on kidney function"

High sugar consumption

Sodium is not the sole factor that's tough on the kidneys. Several studies and research have shown and proven that those who have a high level of sugar consumption and especially those who consume several sugary drinks like soda each day are far more likely to have protein in the urine,  a sign that the kidneys are being damaged. "awareness on kidney function"

A nutrient-poor diet

The problem with this is  that many deficiencies in vitamins or minerals can cause harm to the kidneys and weaken the immune system making kidney infections more possible


Excessive meat consumption

Another problem with diet is that it is far too rich in meat, especially red meat. An extremely high animal protein diet causes the kidneys to work harder and this can lead to kidney dysfunction and eventually to failure.

The great news is that the factors mentioned above are modifiable, that is people have control over them to lead a lifestyle that will promote and support kidney health. "awareness on kidney function"


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