Common back pain the spines nightmare

Back pain

Common back pain: Refuse to yield to the monster

Many people have been taken captives by common back pain plague unwittingly. Cherished Vocations of most people have lured them into being disabled by this monster called back pain. Almost every vocation man is a risk factor. But man must go ahead to engage himself in trade for livelihood, only let him be pre-emptive. This means he must think back before or while engaging himself in his trade. If these desired trade or job impacts negatively on your back, I would not advise you to quit the job, rather get counseling from reputable physiotherapist who would weigh the demands of the job with prevailing ergonomics in your work place as it affects the biomechanics of the human back.

back pain
Back pain

You should refuse to yield to back pain affliction by observing proper body mechanics in sitting, standing, pushing, lifting and carrying. When you sit, be sure your seat has back support and sit fully inside and support your back. Do not slouch. It may be necessary to support the inward curve (small of the back) above the buttocks when sitting.

The inward curve above your buttocks is natural and should not be allowed to be obliterated by the type of job you do otherwise you would have a flat back!. Avoid slouching when you sit to work on the desk. Slouching puts too much weight on the organs, strain muscles and interferes with circulation in the legs. Again, when you sit at a desk, bring the desk close to you as possible and try to maintain the hips and knees at right angle while sitting.

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Good standing and sitting posture help promote normal functioning of the body organs and increase the efficiency of muscles thereby minimizing fatigue of back tissues.

When you stand, maintain a neutral pelvic position. Keeping the spine unnaturally straight can cause strain on the knees and back muscles. In a correct standing posture, the chest is slightly raised and the buttocks tucked in. Shoes should have adequate arch support and a wide base with medium height. Individuals, especially ladies who like putting on psychedelic shoes, should first think of their health. When pushing objects, always push smart.

Avoid pushing heavy objects such as cars in front with straight arms. This can put a dangerous strain on the back. Do push objects backwards. By so doing the strain is taken up by the legs. When lifting objects, use correct body mechanics. To lift correctly, stand close to the object, facing it, feet apart with one foot in front of the other. As you lift bring the object in as close to you as you can. Never twist your body as you lift.

back pain
Back pain

Be careful how you lift loads from deep car boot. It is a quick way of contracting back pain. Avoid carrying heavy loads whenever possible. If you must carry, distribute the weight evenly on each side of you with the help of a belt, a balancing arm or some other devices. It is best of all to carry a heavy burden on the shoulder. If carrying babies or small children carry them close to your front, or if on one hip, change from one hip to another frequently.

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When you sleep, avoid lying on very soft beds. Use a firm mattress (this does not mean a hard bed). Firm mattress allows some absorption of the hip shoulder. If you find sleep difficult owing to firmness, use a mattress that gives good support to the spines. And if it helps, lie horizontally in any position comfortably. Do not continue to use an old mattress which is worn out, sags and gives insufficient support as this will aggravate any stress for the long period of sleep when your spine needs rest. Be careful of the claims made by some orthopedic bed manufacturers.

Ask for your physiotherapist’s or doctor’s advice. It baffles me when I think of how contemporary medicine makes extensive use of preventive measures in form of information and frequent checkups. For example most people go to health establishment to check their health status. Some would go to check how well their hearts, kidney, liver, etc. function.

But changes or problems in the human back are detected only when they produce pain. People hardly go to hospital to check how their back is. Precaution against back pain require an understanding of the relationship within the organism’s  biological processes and a systematic way  of learning to move properly, sit stand and carry loads properly. This purpose, the observations and experiences reputable physiotherapist can be very helpful. With little care and attention, you may be able to avoid painful back in the first place. A better physical condition may also help to prevent back pain.


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