Best approach to neck pain

neck pain
best approach to neck pain

Neck pain - Cervical Spondylosis 

Neck pain over time has become one amongst the major health challenges faced by young and old adults. As years pass by, our necks become subjected to repeated stress patterns which can may us sustain minor injuries, these injuries may not hurt at the time but repeated injuries add up and can eventually result in degeneration of the cervical (neck) spine causing neck pain. Most times neck pain arises due to degenerative changes that occur in the neck. The overall condition of the cervical spine usually determines how fast you recover from an injury and whether your neck pain will become chronic pain.

neck pain
the best approach to neck pain

Pain in the human neck is an affliction that has caused so much agony to millions of people globally.

Frequently, chronic pain in the neck does have an unpalatable effect on some areas of the body. Some of these areas include; the shoulders, arms and hands, and fingers. Some other times the pain in the neck could also ascend to the scalp, spread over and above the chest and even the jaw line.

It's really a monster, when pain from the neck spreads to other parts like the shoulders, often causing pain and weakness of the hands and fingers etc, it is called cervical spondylosis (a medical jargon)

Pain in the neck region can at least be even worse than waist pain. Why? Because being so close to the head, it is a very personal pain like headache, it is hard to ignore, it can be very disabling and destabilizing.

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It may surprise you to know that waist pain, and neck pains are related. Most neck pain sufferers also have or will have waist pain and a large percentage of waist pain sufferers also have or will have neck pain due to problems such as awkward postures. A man or woman with waist pain is more likely to develop neck pain than a person without waist pain. Neck pain can be very distracting, discomforting and very distressful.

So many physiotherapist agrees to the fact that the description that is given to the pain in the neck which spreads to the scalp (thin skin of the head) from the back of the head to the sides, above the ear, by victims of neck pain is likened to movement of ants ascending and descending from the head

Neck pain- Don't ignore it sh

In short, a sharp/acute pain in the neck is subjective. The affliction is such that only you that is suffering from it, know what you are going through. The sleepless nights, the heaviness, of the neck, shoulders, and arms, and later the numbness and tingling sensation in hands and fingers.

In actual fact, common pain in the neck starts as acute pain, thereafter, it becomes chronic and spreads to the scalp (if the higher nerve roots of the neck were involved) or to the shoulder and hands as mentioned earlier. When your neck pain has affected the hands, making a grip or a fist with your hand will be very laborious and difficult.

There may also be associated feeling of heaviness at the back of the neck and shoulders, especially in the mornings. A victim of neck pain may find it extremely discomforting to lift and sustain a considerable load such as a bucket of water or have his bag hung on his shoulder for a good while.

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Pain in the neck affects about 5% of the adult population. Even though the percentage is small but the distressful impact the victim is not something to write home about. If you have neck pain, you may have had to stop playing sport, driving your car and a lot of other physical activities of interest

The good news is that this problem can be resolved within hours, physiotherapeutically. What you simply need to do is get a referral from your physician or take a rational step by visiting a reputable physiotherapist who is vast in the knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of the human spine and annul the neck challenge.

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