Benefits of Using a Scaffold for Painting

Scaffold for Painting

Benefits of Using a Scaffold for Painting


There are painting jobs where the work is going to be over your head. Sometimes the surfaces that need painted are multiple stories off the ground. There are even interior painting jobs where roller handles or extension ladders aren't efficient. Ladders require you to either work out to one side or the other, or over your head.


 One way to work more comfortably, improve the speed and efficiency in which you can paint, plus make the work safer, is to erect a scaffold. Using a scaffold for multi-story painting jobs is easier to understand. However, here's why just about any elevated painting project can benefit from using a scaffold.

Scaffold for Painting



 The first thing to consider when deciding to paint using a ladder or a scaffold is how comfortable the work will be. Using a ladder severely limits the amount of space you can paint at one height. You can only reach so far away from your body.


 Anytime you attempt to overreach, you put yourself at risk of injury. There is also the fact that most people aren't ambidextrous. That means you're only going to be able to do some much on the opposite side of your dominate hand. Not only does this quickly become tiresome, it's simply inefficient.


 Even without considering the upper body discomfort inherent with painting off a ladder, you must consider your feet and legs. First of all, to change position you'll have to climb down, then climb back up the ladder. Every time you shift the ladder, you'll have to unhook paint cans and other tools.


 Finally, there are your feet. If you've ever stood on a ladder for a few hours, you'll appreciate how hard it is on your arches. When you build a scaffold to do elevated painting jobs, you'll have a comfortably wide platform to stand upon.


 You'll not only be able to paint in a normal body position, you'll be able to move and shift your body. When you paint with a scaffold instead of a ladder, you'll be able to change the direction of your body movements and remove a lot of the muscle strain inherent with painting off a ladder. "Scaffold for Painting"


Scaffold for Painting

Speed and Efficiency

 Reaching around a ladder when painting is not only going to place a strain on your arm, it's downright inefficient. Using a scaffold to paint anything over a story high will dramatically improve the speed and efficiency in which you can work.


 When you use scaffolding to paint a house or building, the materials can be right there at your disposal. You won't have to wear a tool belt to have scrapers or other tools of a painter's trade. You'll be able to have extra brushes and a fresh supply of paint within quick access. "Scaffold for Painting"


 There will be no need to climb on and off a ladder to refill paint containers. This doesn't even account for the ability to use rollers and roller pans with scaffolding, but not when painting off a ladder.


 When considering the improved speed and efficiency of painting using a scaffold instead of a ladder, don't forget to think about the unforeseen things that can happen. Ladder ends need to be padded, or they can damage the surface they're touching. Any damage resulting from a ladder will take time to repair or clean up.




 When you consider comfort, speed and efficiency all collectively, you end up with safety. Every time you climb on and off a ladder you need to use caution. Sure, you may not get hurt; however, each time presents a risk that you would not be present when using a scaffold."Scaffold for Painting"


 When you build your scaffold correctly, you also do not have to worry about it leaning or tipping. There is always a moderate risk a ladder can shift and place you at risk of falling. There are safety tips you must follow when using a scaffold to paint, but the risk of fall is dramatically reduced.


 Scaffolding is the most comfortable and efficient way to do a number of projects. The setup time for a scaffold far outweighs the up and down trips and shifting of ladders. In addition to reducing job time, a scaffold is far safer than any type of ladder set up you could use. If you're planning a future project where the work is elevated off the ground, strongly consider using a scaffold to get the job done right. "Scaffold for Painting"



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