Basic facts on Microwave Safety

Microwave Safety

Microwave Safety Concerns

Man's need to have his meal delivered on time has led to the production of microwaves machines such as Microwave oven as it's a well known established fact that necessity is  the mother of invention; this is the  thriving factor/ purpose behind the  production of microwave Oven.

Microwave Ovens are ovens in which food is cooked by the heat produced by the absorption of microwave energy by water molecules in the food. Over time these ovens has  proven to be effective and are regarded as a basic house hold equipment or machines. 80%  of Homes living in urban cities has this machine in their homes. It is worth noting that most eateries, fast food centers and restaurant make use of this machines (i.e Microwave Oven) for getting meals ready and served in time to their customers. This is because It's easy, fast, and for the eco-warriors  energy efficient.

The incidence and rise of cancer  cases in our present day society has become an issue of worry and increasing  nightmare for many individuals.

With increasing rate of Cancer awareness and education  by health facilitators there has been a significant decline in the public panic for fear of cancer howbeit the question if Microwave ovens are sources of Cancer  are still thriving questions in our society and this article aims at addressing this questions as it relates to microwave safety

Microwave Safety
Microwave Safety

Health Risk Associated with Microwaves Oven

It is worth noting that Microwaves affect food  and humans in the following ways


Microwaves reduce the nutritional content in all food- Enzymes are denatured by the process of radiation, meaning you get a fraction of the nutrients you would get otherwise.'

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Effects on Humans

The radiation waves used in our ovens are actually designed to heat water. Water is a constituting part of our bodies so our bodies naturally absorb microwave radiation without we knowing .( It is strongly advised to leave the room when microwaving)

Other Effects

Can Cause Cancer When Used with Plastic Materials

There are carcinogens in many elements of a microwaved meal. Firstly, many plastic containers leak carcinogens into the food when they are heated up.

Secondly, microwaveable food contains specific chemicals to aid the process, such as BPA, polyethylene terpthalate (PET), benzene, toluene, and xylene - which have all been linked to cancer.

It is strongly advised to desist from using  plastic materials for microwaving   your meals.


There are conflicting opinions on the dangers of a microwave. One thing that almost all scientists agree on is that it causes cataracts. Cataracts are the most common cause of poor vision in people over the age of 40. They are also the principal cause of blindness in the world, ahead of glaucoma.

Changes in  blood levels

Recent Studies and researches conducted  found out that  people who ate microwaveable meals experienced a drop in red blood cells, and a rise in white blood cells and cholesterol levels.


Basic Truth:

Microwave safety is of great essence hence;  no matter how grand our culinary and careful  intentions are , it is always tempting to just use the microwave because It's easy, fast and -energy-efficient. Howbeit we should be mindful and careful when we use this appliance.

It is recommended that before first use of a Microwave Oven you study the manufacturer's manual to get acquainted with the product.

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