8 Safety Strategies to Protect Yourself When on a Business Trip Alone

8 Safety Strategies to Protect Yourself

8 Safety Strategies to Protect Yourself When on a Business Trip Alone

Safety Strategies is a must look out in present-day society. Each and everyday women and men across the country, indeed around the world, venture off on business trips. Sadly, on a daily basis, women and men become traveling for business become the victims of some type of crime. There are strategies that you can employ which go far towards lessening the prospect that you will become the victim of a crime while on a business trip. Eight such tactics warrant particular consideration before you embark on your next solo trip for business purposes. “Safety Strategies  when traveling”

8 Safety Strategies to Protect Yourself

Travel Light

There are a host of reasons why you should travel as lightly as possible when embarking on a business trip. One of these reasons is lightweight luggage that is reasonably packed is far easier to maneuver. A person struggling t maneuver with cumbersome luggage at the airport or other locations opens his of her self up to the prospect of becoming prey of a person with criminal intent. Being able to go from one point to another with luggage in tow quickly and as effortlessly as possible is considered by travel safety experts to be of paramount importance. “Safety Strategies  when traveling”


Dress Conservatively

 No, the admonition to dress conservatively is not some sort of directive to women to avoid the intention of a male sexual predator. Indeed, the admonition to dress conservatively applies to all business travelers, women and men alike. The directive to dress conservatively means to avoid wearing expensive or flashy jewelry, including watches, when on a business trip. The ultimate objective is for a person of any gender to forgo drawing any type of unwanted attention. This particularly includes broadcasting that you are traveling with a good amount of money or valuable property. 


Carry a Personal Safety Alarm

 Another safety strategy you will want to employ is to carry a personal safety alarm. For years, women and some men have made sure that they kept something on their person like a whistle, an item that became known as a “rape whistle” in many instances. When traveling for a business, a woman or man should invest in a personal safety alarm. This is a battery-powered device that can be kept in a pocket or other easily accessible location. If a threat to safety arises, the alarm can be easily activated with the push of a button. In short, it is far easier to use that a whistle. “Safety Strategies  when traveling”


Travel with a Doorstop Alarm

 If you’ve done any traveling for business at all, you likely already are decently versed on the ins and outs of keeping your hotel room fully locked when on the premises. You probably already have been advised to keep the “do not disturb” sign on your door any time you are in the room. “Safety Strategies  when traveling”


What you may not have considered is obtaining a doorstop alarm. A doorstop alarm is a battery-powered device that can be slid under your hotel room entrance door. If an attempt to open the door is made, the device emits a powerful alarm that not only will be heard by you but by other people in the hotel. “Safety Strategies “

8 Safety Strategies to Protect Yourself


Take Advantage Valet Parking

 Whenever possible, particularly at night, take advantage of valet parking. A shocking statistic involves business travelers becoming crime victims when they park their cars in anticipation of walking to a hotel, restaurant, or other destination. In a good number of instances, these crimes are perpetrated in a parking garage. “Safety Strategies “


Yes, valet parking costs additional money. With that said, because you eliminate an opportunity for a criminal predator to target you, this proves to be money well spent.


Request Two Hotel Room Keys

When registering at a hotel, request two room keys — and don’t be quiet about making the request. Another reality about business travelers becoming victims of crime is that people with criminal intent oftentimes scope out hotel front desks in an effort to glean information about guests. If you request two keys, you leave such a miscreant unsure if you are traveling alone or are in the company of someone else. “Safety Strategies “


Do Not Publicly Reveal Your Room Number

 Another safety tactic is to never reveal your room number in a public setting. Most hotel desk personnel make it a practice to write you room number down rather than share it with you verbally. If you are at a crowded front desk checking in, and your room number is broadcast by a hotel employee, request a different room. If the staffer resists, ask to speak with that person’s supervisor to ensure you are accommodated. “Safety Strategies “


In addition, when on a business trip, there exist no real purpose in providing anyone you specific room number. If you will be meeting with a colleague following a meeting or some other gathering, you can arrange to connect in the hotel lobby. Your colleague can announce his or her presence in the hotel by texting or calling your mobile phone. “Safety Strategies “


Always Keep Your Phone Fully Charged

 There are a variety of reasons to always keep your mobile phone charged when on a business trip. Safety is one such reason. Your mobile phone truly is your lifeline to the world at large, including everything from GPS if you are lost to emergency services in a dire situation.


By adopting these practices, you will significantly enhance your overall personal security while on a business trip. The reality is that many of these practices are ideally suitable not only for travel, but for your everyday life when you are at your home base as well. “Safety Strategies “


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