8 Factors to Ponder When Contemplating a New Deck at Your Home

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8 Factors to Ponder When Contemplating a New Deck at Your Home


Adding a deck to your home not only expands what really is the living space of your residence but it is likely to enhance the overall value of your property. With this in mind, there are eight factors you will want to bear in mind when it comes to considering adding a deck to your home.

New Deck at Your Home

Invest in Quality Fasteners

Fasteners may seem like they should be the least of your concerns when contemplating building a deck at your home. With that said, the life, durability, and safety of your deck depend upon the use of quality fasteners for your deck.  “New Deck at Your Home”


Low-quality screws are not suitable for a deck. You need to select stainless steel or coated screws for your deck project. You need to use screws that are specifically crafted for pressure-treated wood, which is the material most commonly used on decks. Electroplate-galvanized screws are used with some frequency in the construction of decks. Despite the wide use, these types of screws are not suitable for deck projects.


Conceal Fasteners

Many people do not want to see exposed screw tops on their decks. You may have the same inclination. Therefore, you will want to utilize one or another available option to conceal screws. A building supply store will be able to assist you in finding the proper cover for screws used in the construction of a deck. When you use a concealing option, you end up with a smooth appearing deck in all ways. “New Deck at Your Home”


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Deck Material Options

Another key tip that you need to bear in mind when contemplating the construction of a deck is your material options. In this day and age, homeowners have more deck material options available to them than ever before.


If you favor real wood for your deck, traditional choices are pressure treated redwood or cedar. In more recent times, hardwoods are becoming more widely utilized in the construction of decks. Two types of hardwoods are particularly popular today: ipe and jarrah. You do need to keep in mind that these two options are among the most costly you can select for your deck.


Composite materials, as well as synthetic materials, are becoming more widely used in the construction of decks as well in this day and age. This includes vinyl. These materials are being used in decks because they are more affordable, highly durable, and low maintenance.


Multi-Level Deck

Historically, homeowners constructed decks on one level. In recent years, that has changed. Another option you will want to bear in mind when contemplating constructing a deck is to go a multi-level route. A multilevel deck allows you to have different, interesting spaces that are ideal for your own family use as well as for entertaining. “New Deck at Your Home”

New Deck at Your Home

Beautiful Railings

Another point to ponder is that oftentimes when people construct a deck at their homes, railings around a deck become something of an afterthought. This is a major mistake. There is a myriad of choices available to you when it comes to deck railing. These include everything from wood to glass to different types of metal. Selecting the right railing for your deck will enhance its overall appearance and safety. Indeed, making a railing decision should be one of your first considerations.

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Create Shade

Perhaps the worst mistake that can be made with a deck is to construct something beautiful, but a space that lacks protection from the sun. Not all of your deck need be covered. You, your family, and guests may want to have an area in which you can lounge in the sun. However, you do want to make certain that part of your deck is protected from the sun and other elements. “New Deck at Your Home”


If you go the multilevel course, you can have one deck level exposed to the sun and another covered. In the final analysis, covering at least part of your deck ensures that your creation is useful at different types of the day and even during different types of weather.


Unusual Geometry

The most common type of deck is a rectangle or square. While this shape for a deck can prove attractive, you have other options. You can consider alternate or even unusual geometry when designing and constructing your deck.


In designing your deck, you can use unusual angles. You can also use curves. While this can prove to be more challenging, and even a bit more costly, in the end you have a truly inspired, attention-grabbing deck. “New Deck at Your Home”


Details Matter

Finally, even the smallest of details matter when decorating your deck. In this regard, you will want to pay attention to such points as lighting, a sound system, planters, even a fan or fans. The choice of furnishing is also important when it comes to rounding out the look and feel of your deck.

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Keep in mind that tending to details can change the look of an existing deck if you’re not quite ready to undertake a rebuild. Small touches can breathe life into a deck that otherwise was starting to look a bit worn or rather aged. It can be a could first step towards a more major evolution.


By incorporating these thoughts, tips, and concepts into the creation of your deck, you will create a space at your residence that will become the spot where you and your family, as well as guests and visitors, spend a great deal of time. Indeed, your deck very well may become the most favorite location at your residence.

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