8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler

8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler

8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler

You may have a person in your life that travels frequently. Even if you don’t have a constant traveler in your life, you undoubtedly have family and friends who do travel for work or pleasure from time to time. With these two ends of the spectrum in mind, there are eight cool gift ideas that may be absolutely ideal for the frequent (or occasional) traveler in your life.

8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler

Travel Bag Set

A typical travel will cram more than a few things in plastic bags which are tucked into luggage. While this is a common practice, and there is nothing wrong with it, a great gift idea can take the place of plastic bags as elements of a luggage. “8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler”

On the market today are travel bag sets, including derivations that are made from sturdy, high-quality fabric and come complete with easy to use drawstrings. A typical travel bag set is likely to include separate bags for items that include:


  • dirty clothing or laundry
  • shoes
  • pajamas or lingerie
  • assorted knick-knacks

These bag sets come in a wide range of prices. The price range tends to run from about $15 upwards to approximately $75.


USB Essential Oil Diffuser

Travel can be stressful, even when a trip is taken for leisure. You might have a person in your life that enjoys taking advantage of some type of essential oil diffuser. Packing a traditional diffuser can prove to be challenging, if not impossible. “8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler”


An ideal gift for a family member or friend that enjoys using essential oils aromatically is a USB essential oil diffuser. As the name of the device suggests, this diffuser plugs into a mobile device’s USB port and goes to work emitting the soothing, comforting sent selected for the mini-diffuser.

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A variety of different essential oils are available for the USB diffuser. USB diffusers are available at different prices, from about $20 to $60.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones come in many derivations and in a broad range of prices. Of course, many people have purchased noise canceling headphones on their own. However, a surprising number of people who truly can benefit from these headphones have been slow in getting on board with these great devices. Thus, if you’ve a family member or friend who travels with regularity, an ideal and much appreciated gift would be noise cancelling headphones.


Leather Charger Carrier

Travel means lugging around a charger or chargers for mobile devices. A classy gift that you can bestow on a traveler in your life is a leather charger carrier. Not only is such a carrier attractive and professional in its presentation, it is highly durable. This is one charger carrier that an person will bee able to use for an extended period of time. These carriers are surprisingly affordable, many being available for under $50.


Customized Silver Money Clip

Travelers are advised to not to keep all of their money or credit cards in one location when traveling. A great way to supplement a traveler’s wallet or purse is to give your family member or friend a silver money clip. Indeed, a silver money clip is an ideal gift for a work colleague who must travel. Of course, you can have a money clip customized with a person’s name. However, you can have a money clip customized in a myriad of different ways as well. “8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler”


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Travel Journal

In this day and age, a majority of people rely on mobile and other electronic devices to compose their journals, if they engage in this process at all. Fewer people are journaling in this day and age than has been the case in the past. A perfect gift for a travel is “real” journal, one that requires a pen or pencil to use. A hardcover journal is ideal and permits a traveler the ability to record thoughts and experiences when on the road. Such a journal provides a traveler something to record thoughts and experiences in a format that will allow them to be kept for a lifetime.


A wide selection of journals are available both online and in an array of different types of stores in the brick and mortar world. Journals come in a wide price range, from extremely affordable to options that are made of high-end materials and do sell for more money.


Mini-Photo Printer

Yes, more often than not people exchange photos digitally. With that said, a unique gift idea is a mini-photo printer. With such a printer, your traveling family member or friend can print out hard copies of photos taken while on the road. Your family member or friend will be able to bestow well-appreciated mementoes in the form of hard-copy photos to people encountered during his or her journeys. Mini-printers are available from $100 and less. “8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler”


Airborne Cocktail Kit

Many folks enjoy a cocktail while flying. The reality is that airlines have significant limitations when it comes to libation service. Only the basics are available to airborne passengers when it comes to cocktails.

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A gift that is likely to be highly appreciated by travelers in your life is an airborne cocktail kit. Such a kit provides all the ingredients needed to craft an amazing cocktail while flying. You only need to procure the necessary booze from the aircraft crew. One of the favorite airborne cocktail kits available today provides you with everything needed to make a delectable Moscow Mule while flying. Some derivations of the Moscow Mule cocktail kit even include a suitable copper decanter. “8 Cool Gifts to Give a Frequent (or Any) Traveler”


Armed with this list, you have a great starting point when you are interested in finding an ideal gift for a traveler in your life. Indeed, if nothing in this presentation seems a perfect fit, these ideas are very likely to spark other ideas in your mind in regard to ideal gifts for a traveling family member, friend, or work colleague. Moreover, after perusing this list of suggestions, perhaps you’ll find something that is ideal for you the next time you take a trip.



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