7 Tips to Get Your Lawn Ready for the Spring and Summer

Get Your Lawn Ready for the Spring and Summer

7 Tips to Get Your Lawn Ready for the Spring and Summer

Like many people, your residence may come complete with a lawn, an expanse of grass that requires close tending. What must be done in regard to caring for your lawn varies depending on the time of the year. As we draw closer to spring and summer, you need to understand what is necessary to get yours ready for these prime seasons. There are seven tips to bear in mind when it comes to readying your lawn for the warmer months of the year.

Get Your Lawn Ready for the Spring and Summer

Rake Your Lawn

A primary task that you need to undertake to prepare your lawn for the spring and summer is to rake it. You may balk at the idea of raking your lawn in anticipation of spring. If you are like many people, you're initial response likely will be "but I raked the leaves in the fall."


The reality is raking is designed to do more than eliminate leaves. You need to rake your lawn in anticipation of the spring and summer to address what is known as thatch. Generally speaking, thatch is the build up of loose dead grass and other debris that accumulates across a lawn over time. An accumulation of excess thatch can be harmful to the health of a lawn. Thatch should never be more than 1/2" thick.


Eliminating excessive thatch necessitates more than a cursory rake job. Rather, you need to make sure that you rake deeply to make sure you appropriately eliminate excess thatch from your lawn.

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As an aside, a thorough spring raking of your lawn provides you an opportunity for inspection. You will be able to identify any spots on your lawn that may need reseeding, re-sodding, or some other type of intervention.


Over-seeding Your Lawn

If your lawn is like that of most people there are areas that receive higher traffic. Those areas will experience damage to the grass. This can include areas that are not completely worn away but have been thinned out because of wear and tear.


When you identify those areas that experience higher wear, you will want to undertake what is known as over-seeding. Seed is spread on these areas to replenish the thinning in anticipation of the warmer months of the year.


Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer at the time of the over-seeding. About five weeks after the seeds germinate, apply a fast release nitrogen fertilizer.


Fertilize Your Lawn

In advance of spring and summer, you will want to fertilizer your entire lawn and in addition to what you may have done in relation to over-seeding. You can use chemical fertilizers available to you on the market. In the alternative, you can use what is known as a mulch mower to apply compost.


Apply Herbicide to Your Lawn

As part of spring and summer preparation efforts you may want to give serious consideration to applying what are known as pre-emergent herbicides. A particular target of pre-emergent herbicide used in the spring is crabgrass. Crabgrass tends to begin growing during the early parts of the spring.

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Apply Post-emergent Herbicides to Your Lawn

Despite the use of a pre-emergent herbicide, you will also need to plan on applying post-emergent weed killer as well. The most common weed that is likely to need to be addressed is the dandelion. The moment when the emergence of weeds is detected you need to waste no time in using a post-emergent herbicide on your lawn. Taking this immediate course of action is the best way to minimize the impact of weeds that were not prevented initially via a pre-emergent herbicide regimen.


Hire a Professional Service

If you don't have the time, desire, or perhaps the experience necessary to tend to the tasks that need to be undertaken in regard to your lawn to prepare for the spring and summer, you might want to consider retaining the services of a professional. In this regard, you will want to be sure to undertake an appropriate course of due diligence.


This includes delving into the experience of a professional lawn care service. You will also want to ascertain precisely who a lawn care service will have working at your property. You need to confirm that people employed to work at your property are properly bonded and insured. If the service team will include foreign nationals, you need to be certain that they have proper legal authorization to work in the United States.


Check Your Lawnmower

As part of your comprehensive process to prepare your lawn for the spring and summer, you will want to check on the status of your lawnmower. You need to inspect your lawnmower to ensure it is in operational condition. You will also want to make sure you provide your lawnmower with proper maintenance and a tune-up to make certain that it is ready for work in the spring and summer.

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Keep in mind that lawnmowers do not last forever. If you really think your lawnmower is on its last legs, you are better served to replace it before the spring and summer seasons commence. As an aside, you might be able to save a considerable amount of money if you purchase a new lawnmower in the autumn rather than waiting until the springtime.


Taking a proactive approach to lawn care in advance of the spring and summer is vital. By taking this approach to tending to your lawn, you will make tending to it during the peak summer months far easier.


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