11 Tips to Enhance Your Home Audio System

Audio System

11 Tips to Enhance Your Home Audio System


If you enjoy music, you undoubtedly want the best audio system in your residence. There are some incremental steps that can be taken to improve your overall home audio system.


Get a New Set of Headphones

Before you spend a good amount of your hard earned money on updating your home audio system is to buy a great set of headphones. High quality headphones improve the sound. They also give you flexibility. You can use them in different places and for different activities.

 Audio System
Audio System

Evaluate the Audio Gear You Already Have at Home

Another step you should take before you dive into a major upgrade of your home audio system, evaluate the gear you have in place. This includes checking wires and cables. You will also want to do things like remove speaker grilles and verify that there exist no obvious problems like foam rot. When you finish this comprehensive evaluation, and everything appears to be in good order, you have reached the juncture at which an upgrade may be in order.


Get a Better Digital to Analog Converter

Digital music must be converted before you can hear it through your home audio system. Music of this nature must be converted from digital to analog in order to be heard. You can obtain equipment that permits enhanced music conversion and better quality sound.


Adjust Streaming Service Quality Settings

All music streaming services have quality settings. For example, Spotify can stream upwards to 320 kilobits-per-second. Spotify calls this “Extreme Quality.” Other streaming services have similar settings. The issue is you typically have to dig into settings to find where you can make this particular adjustment. This setting change will improve your home audio presentation.

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Adjust Your Computer Settings

You will also want to consider adjusting your computer settings when it comes to upping your home audio game. Like many people, you may be using the default settings for iTunes and CDs at 256 kilobytes per second. You likely can improve the overall quality of your home audio system by increasing the bit rate to 320 kbps.


Adjust Your Receiver Settings

Another setting adjustment you can make to improve your overall home audio is that associated with your receiver. Some receivers have what is called a “Pure” or “Direct.” This mode switches off when unused or unneeded by portions of a component’s circuitry to provide the cleanest possible signal path. You can give adjusting this setting a try to determine which particular position best enhances a receiver’s functionality.


Biamp Your Speakers

You can also consider undertaking what is called the biamp of your speakers. If your front speakers have each have two pairs of input terminals, you can consider redirecting the surround power to “biamp” your front left and right speakers. The net effect is to give you four amp channels that drive your front speakers. The net effect of this tactic is to essentially double the available power. This typically results in dynamic and higher-quality sound.


Create a Special Audio Room

Give serious through to creating a special audio room in your residence. Of course, you can even take this a step further and create a theatre room, a space that incorporates the best in audio and visual technology.

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You can do something as simple as convert an unused bedroom into a music listening room. With this dedicated space, you will have a refuge in your home where you can enjoy a quality presentation of music you love.


Improve Acoustics

You can’t overlook the acoustics of rooms in your home when it comes to having the best audio in your residence. Acoustics necessarily have a keen impact on audio presentation and your home system.


You will want to reconsider the acoustics of the different rooms in your residence. You may even want to call in a professional to evaluate the acoustics throughout your home. A professional can provide recommendations for improving audio quality and music enjoyment in your home.


Closely Consider Speaker Placement

Take a look at speaker placement when it comes to your home audio system. Speaker placement can really make a dramatic difference when it comes to enjoying music in your home. You may want to spend some time experimenting with different speaker placement alternatives before you make a more permanent decision on what alignment seems to work best for your residence.


Design Open Floor Plan Audio System

If you have an open floor plan at your home, that includes a kitchen, dining space, and living or great room, you might want to focus the design and installation of an audio system specifically on meeting the needs and demands of that open space.


A stereo system may not be the best choice for an open floor plan that includes your kitchen, dining space, and living space. You and your guests will be moving around a lot. Ceiling speakers or wireless speakers in strategic locations provide a more pleasing audio experience throughout the space.

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