10 Most Commonplace Construction Site Injuries

10 Most Commonplace Construction Site Injuries

10 Most Commonplace Construction Site Injuries

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is diligent about tracking construction site injuries. Through this process, the CDC has identified the 10 most commonplace site injuries occurring annually in the United States. These are:

10 Most Commonplace Construction Site Injuries

  1. burns
  2. head injuries
  3. spinal cord injuries
  4. lacerations and cuts
  5. fractured and crushed bones
  6. digit or limb loss
  7. hearing loss
  8. vision loss
  9. stress injuries
  10. heat stroke


Burns at construction sites are alarmingly commonplace. They come in three different forms:

  • fire
  • explosion
  • chemical
  • electrical


Burns can prove to be highly debilitating and can leave permanent scars. There are many instances throughout the course of any given year in which workers die from burns sustained at job sites.


Head Injuries

Another of the more common types of injuries that occur at construction sites are head injuries. It's head injuries occur in a number of different ways that include:


  • falls from scaffolding
  • slips and falls
  • equipment mishaps
  • falls into hole or trench
  • vehicle collisions
  • falling objects


Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are high on the list of the most commonplace sites injuries. Sadly, these types of injuries nearly always result in some sort of permanent disability. Indeed, in a good many cases, spinal cord injuries result in a level of disability that severely limits a person's life. For example, paraplegia is a grim consequence of a spinal cord injury.


Lacerations and Cuts

Lacerations, cuts, and puncture wounds occur with regularity at construction sites. More often than not these types of injuries occur because a worker is distracted and not appropriately focused on the job at hand. Many times these injuries are self-inflicted as a result.

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Fractured and Crushed Bones

There exist a myriad of ways in which a person can sustain fractured, crushed, broken bones at a construction job site. Common ways in which a person on a job sustain suffers these types of injuries include:


  • falls (particularly from scaffolding)
  • scaffolding collapse
  • vehicle accidents
  • slips and falls
  • pinning by equipment, vehicle, collapse


Digit or Limb Loss

Scores of construction workers in the United States lose finger, toes, and even limbs each year. As is apparent, particularly when it comes to a lost limb, this type of accident can have a profound impact on a person's personal and working life.


Hearing Loss

People who work at construction sites for more extended period of times are very likely to suffer hearing loss. This reality underscores the importance of proper protective gear for a worker's ears. When it comes to ear protection, it is vital that protective gear is confirmed to be appropriate to guard against the level of noise commonly experienced at a construction site.


Vision Loss

Another relatively common type of injury at a construction site, a type of injury included on the list of top ten most frequently occurring injuries, is vision loss. This type of injury most commonly happens as the result of an airborne object striking an eye or a piece of equipment colliding with a person's face. Slips or stumbles and falls also give rise to eye injuries. Finally, chemical accidents fairly regularly result in eye injuries and vision loss at a construction site.


Stress Injuries

Many construction site tasks involve repetitive movements. As a consequence, stress injuries are on the list of common site injuries. This is particular the case with stress injuries to hands and wrists. A worker's hips and knees are also common targets for work-related stress injuries arising at a construction job.

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Heat Stroke

Working at a construction site nearly always involves a tremendous amount of physical activity, oftentimes undertaken during the summer months. Thus, yet another of the 10 most common site injuries is sunstroke. On a related note, overexertion is also a safety and health concern at job sites.


Reducing Construction Site Injuries

Taking a proactive approach to construction job site safety can contribute greatly to reducing accidents and associated injuries. One tactic that is wise to consider is taking advantage of onsite consulting services that include safety training.



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